who is bob?

Who is Bob? It's a question that is undoubtedly on nobody's lips, yet I'm here to explain it.

Quite simply, I'm Bob.

Well, my name is Rob, but then that doesn't fit with the common phrase of 'Bob's your uncle.' Swapping that out with 'Rob's your uncle,' doesn't quite have the same affect. Plus, it can come off a little creepy if I go around calling myself Uncle Rob without everytime backing it up by screaming "It's meant to be a play on Bob's your uncle!"

I'm a quarter-life loser that doesn't exactly know where he's heading. Like the rest of the world I suppose. We're all lost.

Anyway, I started this blog mainly as a way to place my thoughts, and most likely some photography too. Think it of it as my own personal scrapbook that just happens to be online... For anyone to read... Okay, maybe it won't be too personal.

Most of the time I'll be giving out my own advice of life, that is probably - by probably, I mean definitely - not even the best advice anyway. Believe it or not, however hard to do so, I am not a professional! Think of me as the online Agony Aunt that nobody actually wanted.

So what are my qualifications you ask?


I've got a Level 2 Award in Sports Leadership, and can even swim up to 50 metres. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it! 

(WARNING: Seek medical advice before smoking any part of this blog post.)